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Ariva Dubrovnik Logo

Our company mottos:

reliability and safety
driver responsibility
comfortable vehicles
fixed price

About us

ArivaDubrovnik travel agency provides an authentic and personal travel experience unlike any other company.

Based in Dubrovnik, Croatia, ArivaDubrovnik travel agency was established in 2005 as an independant travel agent and tour operator.

Experts in the region of southern Croatia, ArivaDubrovnik specializes in fewer destinations so they can offer guests the best of each location. We are available every step of the way. It is this personal attention from start to finish that leaves a lasting impression on guests.

So if you're looking for the best travel itinerary, best Dubrovnik holiday or business travel, look no further. ArivaDubrovnik is a name you can count on for impeccable service, high quality tours and transfers!


We provide

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