Island Korčula


The first place to stop on our way to island Korčula is town named Ston. Ston was among the first towns in Europe to be built according to a town - planning project. It's 5 km long stone walls are especially interesting, during medieval period city walls were protecting the town. You can strech your legs on a walking tour of the pretty coastal town and take a pictures by the so-called Great Wall of Croatia – Ston's major claim to fame. Other attractions include the famous oyster and mussel farms and old salt-works where salt is still produced today out of the sea water.

After stop we are going to continue our trip to Korčula. We will need about one hour driving to reach small place Orebić on the end of Pelješac peninsula where we are going to take a ferry.

The city of Korčula appears as a typical medieval Dalmatian town, with towers and defense red-roofed houses. They say that Marco Polo was born here (1254 - 1324), the wayward traveler to China, and Mongolia. And in fact the museum is one of the many cultural centers that Korcula offers to its visitors. In addition, since Korčula is bound to medieval battles, they preserved the tradition of chivalry dances held throughout the island.


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