Konavle valley & Cavtat tour


On this tour we will take You to the most southern region of Croatia, Konavle region. Konavle region covers an area from town Cavtat on the north-west, to the border with Montenegro on south-east. Long time ago the Konavle valley was a lake bed. Due to this fact the land is very fertile and makes Konavle an agriculturally productive region. Through the past it gave a tremendous contribute to Dubrovnik Republic. Today, the most of the land is planted with vineyards, fruit trees and vegetables. The Konavle Valley with its thirty villages, well known for its beautiful landscape, elegant national costumes and embroideries has carefully preserved its traditions and customs passed down th rough generations.

Our first stop of Konavle region tour is wonderful point "Vidikovac". We will make a short stop here so that you can enjoy unforgettable panorama view of Dubrovnik Old Town.

After 40 minutes driving throught beautiful Dubrovnik countryside we will come to next attraction on our tour. That is Fort Falcon situated below the mountain slopes, at 25 m high inaccessible cliff. The fort was built in 14th century by Dubrovnik Republic with role to control the roads that descend from Herzegovina to Konavle region and to protect the south-eastern part of Dubrovnik Republic. Here we will also enjoy the view of Konavle region and hear fascinating stories about the Fort.

Under the fort is river called "Ljuta" with a large number of water mills and with most famous restoran in this region "Konavoski dvori". Surrounded with lush greenery of the centuries old trees, the restaurant is resting in an ancient mill on the banks of a clean and rumbling river. Besides a unique location and a tranquil ambiance, the restaurant offers the best regional specialties with home-baked bread in the way of our grandmothers. After Konavle Valley we are heading to Cavtat an ancient city, once called Epidaurum.


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