Located less than one hour drive from Dubrovnik, Montenegro attracts with its incredible natural beauty in combination with a rich history and culture. Enjoy the drive along the Bay of Kotor, one of the most spectacular landscapes on the Mediterranean. After panoramic stop the tour continues to the town Kotor. The medieval architecture and numerous monuments of cultural heritage have put Kotor on the UNESCO list of the World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites. The town is known for its nautical tradition and merchant navy of The Bay of Kotor. There are many of Catholic and Orthodox churches and major landmark is St. Tryphon's Cathedral of 12th century.

Before we reach Budva, we will take short stop for panoramic view of the St. Stephan peninsula, where is an amazing town that is now an exclusive hotel resort.

Afterwards our journey reaches Budva, one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic. Time to explore this charming town, having lunch, swimming and enjoying on one of the sandy beaches.

Return drive to Dubrovnik with a ferry-ride across The Bay of Kotor.


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